How The BarMaxx System Works

  • Identify & Track

    When a bottle arrives in the stockroom, it is tagged with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip and activated via the BarMaxx check-in device. The chip stores all relevant bottle data (brand, flavor, size), and allows the system to uniquely identify that bottle. Simply scan the bottle’s barcode, attach the label and the BarMaxx system handles the rest. The bottle is instantly counted, added to inventory, and monitored by the system.
  • Measure

    Sensors track the bottle from the moment it leaves the shelf in the store room, to the moment it gets placed on BarMaxx’s network of scales in your bar. Each time a bottle is lifted, used and put back, the scale measures the exact amount poured, accurate down to an incredible 4/1000th of an ounce. The BarMaxx system can even distinguish a straight-poured shot from a mixed cocktail by aligning the alcohol(s) poured to the most likely cocktail recipe posted to your POS.
  • Video Cameras

    When the system recognizes an event that falls outside the operating parameters (e.g. a over pour or unauthorized free drink), the cameras record video footage of the event and store it for review in the reporting system.
  • Manage

    Our web-based software interface gives you instant access to your bar’s inventory, any time, anywhere in the world. You can log into your BarMaxx account and see everything that’s happening behind your bar, in real-time. The system alerts you to any discrepancies, captures video of the event, and instantly makes the information available to you, so you can immediately and with confidence make decisions that positively influence your bottom line.
  • Review

    Finally, the BarMaxx software collects data from the system and transforms it into management-relevant, easy-to-read reports that give you a real-time picture of your bar’s activities and puts the power of informed decision-making at your fingertips.

Product Description

BarMaxx is the world’s most accurate, wireless free pour liquor inventory control system, specifically designed for use in venues that serve alcohol. No matter how well they are managed, all liquor-serving venues are susceptible to issues such as theft, over pours, under pours, spillage, wrong drinks, giveaways, after-hours drinking by employees, missed ring-ups, etc. In isolation, these incidents may look like negligible parts of running your business – but in the long run, you are losing money and your business suffers.


With BarMaxx’s web-based inventory management software, real-time surveillance hardware and mobile device-compatibility, monitoring the bar and your staff becomes a non-issue, no matter where you are in the world. BarMaxx is a total solution – ultra-precise scales (accurate down to 4/1000th of an ounce), video cameras and sensors, in conjunction with our custom inventory management software, track your liquid assets from the time they arrive in your stockroom, to the time the last drop is poured – giving you peace of mind while maximizing your profits.


The BarMaxx system consists of:

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